Management Principles

Management Principles

As the asset management company of ESCON JAPAN REIT Investment Corporation, we will strive to enhance unitholder’s value in order to provide customer satisfaction.
Through the management of real estate, we will make efforts that place importance on the environment, society, and governance, and contribute to society by working together with local residents to foster affluent lifestyles and achieve ideal living.

  1. Increasing Unitholder’s Value
    We intend to build solid governance and maximize unitholder’s value over the medium to long term by steadily growing assets under management and putting unitholders first through transparent disclosure.
  2. Contributing to Affluent Lifestyles
    We will address issues concerning the environment and society, while contributing to the prosperous and happy lifestyles of local communities by responsibly managing real estate and facilities.
  3. Building Trust
    We will always be aware of compliance as the foundation of management, and we will faithfully perform our duties with the care of a good manager and act with integrity at all times, building a relationship of trust with our customers.
  4. Rewarding Workplaces
    We will strive to improve the abilities of each individual through enhanced education and training, as well as ensure that our operations are conducted with an emphasis on efficiency, in order to create a rewarding workplace.
  5. Autonomy
    Each employee will be autonomous with a sense of responsibility as a professional, expand one's knowledge, and take on new challenges without being satisfied with the status quo.

Established September 26, 2022

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