Fundamental Policy against Antisocial Forces

We affirm that ES-CON ASSET MANAGEMENT Ltd. (here in after "ES-CON ASSET MANAGEMENT") has no relations with antisocial forces whatsoever, and in accordance with our corporate code of conduct, we have established the following fundamental policy against antisocial forces.

  1. All members of the organization, from the top management including the President & Representative Director down, will together address the problem of antisocial forces. Our corporate group and our shareholders will unite in the exclusion of antisocial forces from our businesses.
  2. We will cooperate with outside professional agencies as part of our approach to deal with antisocial forces.
  3. We will not enter into any transactions with antisocial forces, nor will we have relationships with any such party.
  4. We will respond to legal matters with both civil and criminal proceedings when necessary.
  5. We will not have any secret transactions with, or provide funds to any antisocial forces.
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