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Soyoka Fujimino (commercial wing)(Fujimino, Saitama Pref.)

Soyoka Fujimino is an open air shopping center located in Fujimino City in south-eastern Saitama Prefecture.

Soyoka Fujimino(shopping center) (Fujimino,Saitama)

tonarie Toga・Mikita(Sakai, Osaka)

tonarie Toga・Mikita is a commercial facility located within only one minute walk to Toga・Mikita station on the Senboku rapid railway line. Its core tenant is a supermarket and the tenant mix meets a wide range of user needs.

tonarie Toga・Mikita (Sakai,Osaka)

Kansai Medical University Kuzuha Hospital(Hirakata, Osaka Pref.)

Kansai Medical University Kuzuha Hospital provides emergency medical services, sub-acute care, long-term care for chronic diseases, dispatching home nurses and rehabilitation training. This hospital contributes to safe, reliable healthcare services for people in the community.

Kansai Medical University Kuzuha Hospital (Hirakata,Osaka)

TRIAL Omihachiman (sokochi) (Omihachiman, Shiga)

TRIAL Omihachiman 'sokochi' is located in central Shiga prefecture, along the arterial road of east side of Lake Biwa. This is leasehold land of a supermarket which mainly deals with daily necessities such as fresh product.

TRIAL Omihachiman (sokochi) (Omihachiman,Shiga)

KoLuTeNa Ⅰ(Sapporo, Hokkaido)

KoLuTeNa Ⅰ is a retail property having good access to transportation as directly connected to Kotoni station via pedestrian deck, on the JR Hakodate line, 5 min from Sapporo station.

KoLuTeNaⅠ(Sapporo, Hokkaido)

DRUG Yutaka Mukokamiueno (sokochi) (Muko, Kyoto)

DRUG Yutaka Mukokamiueno 'sokochi', which is leasehold land of a drug store, is located in a residential area with high population density along the community road.

KoLuTeNaⅠ(Sapporo, Hokkaido)

Yamada Denki Sapporo Shiroishi (sokochi) (Sapporo, Hokkaido)

Yamada Denki Sapporo Shiroishi ‘sokochi’ is a leasehold land under a Contract for Fixed Term Land Lease for Business Purposes (jigyouyou-teikishakuchi-keiyaku) with an electronics store built on top pf this land.
The catchment area is ideal as it faces an arterial road that runs through a residential district.

Yamada Denki Sapporo Shiroishi (sokochi) (Sapporo, Hokkaido)

KUSURI NO AOKI Ikaruga (sokochi)(Ikoma-gun, Nara)

KUSURI NO AOKI Ikaruga 'sokochi' is located along the community road surrounded with residential area which has rich historical and cultural aspects. This is leasehold land of commercial complex of a supermarket and a drug store.

tonarie Yamatotakada (Yamatotakada-shi, Nara)

tonarie Yamatotakada(Yamatotakada, Nara)

tonarie Yamatotakada is a commercial facility deeply rooted in local community whose core tenant is a supermarket, and it has superb train access as it is located within one minute walk to Yamatotakada station on the Kintetsu Osaka Line via a pedestrian deck.

tonarie Yamatotakada (Yamatotakada-shi, Nara)

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